In this section you can read your aftercare instructions and tips for the best healing of your new tattoo and also for having a better tattooed skin for the years to come.

Right after the tattoo

*In one hour remove the protective cling film and never use it again.

*If I covered your tattoo with a Pad-lock, then you can have it for up to 10 hours-minimum 5 hours.

*Use an antibacterial, non toxic, with no fragrance and with as much as possible more pure ingredients soap for sensitive skin and gently clean with normal temperature water with the tip of your fingers the tattoo for about 20 seconds.

*Use clean paper towel and tap it until you see that it is dry. Wait for 2 minutes and then apply a small amount of tattoo aftercare creme.

For the next two weeks

*Wash with the soap as above to clean and then creme the tattoo three times per day.

*Use very small amount of creme until you see the tattoo is evenly moisturized.

Extra tips

*Always clean your hands with soap before cleaning your tattoo and applying a tattoo aftercare creme.

*After the first two weeks of aftercare you can use organic coconut oil one time per day for another two weeks.

This step is not that necessary but it will help your skin even more to recover and gain its strength so I advise and encourage you to also include it in your aftercare routine.

*Whenever you expose your tattoo to strong sun and heat always use a good 50 SPF sunblock creme every two to three hours. Do that for the rest of your life as it will help keep ink density stronger and the tattoo will age slower. After finishing a day full of heat and burning sun, after shower, you can always apply again a little portion of organic coconut oil.

*If you don’t want to have your clothes dirty-as in the first 3-4 days some body fluids will come out-after you have cleaned and cremed your tattoo instead of just wearing your clothes you can use first a sterile and breathable gauze to cover the tattoo. Every time you have to re-clean and re-apply the tattoo aftercare creme you have to throw away the gauze and use a new one.

*If you had a tattoo done on the palm/fingers area make sure you use that hand less and you dont scrub it while reaching objects from pockets or bags and if you have to do so clean your hands and re-apply a small portion of tattoo aftercare creme as soon as possible to avoid infection. Also never wear gloves for the first two weeks.

*If you had your tattoo done on the area of the feet make sure whenever is possible to let the tattoo breath without socks, shoes or flipflops.

*If you had your tattoo at the area of the bra try for the first two weeks to wear an athletic type bra. If that is not possible then make sure it is not too tight and it doesn’t suffocate the skin. Also, make sure that the bra is clean.

Things you should never do

*Do not use Bepanthen/Bepanthol or other cremes that where not ment to be used on open skin with tattoo ink inside. Tattoo aftercare cremes exist for a reason.

*You must not scratch and use abnormal pressure to the fresh tattooed skin.

*You must never put a thick layer of creme.

*Don’t go for swimming, use sunbeds, expose it to the sun or do sports for the next two weeks-minimum.

*Do not forget to keep it clean and to moisturize accordingly.

* Do not bring dirty clothes or any accesories in contact with fresh tattooed skin that might infect you.

* Do not bring in contact the fresh tattoo with woolen objects (blankets, clothes e.t.c.)

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