Bootsy Collins in Zürich

22 February 2014

Bootsy Collins & The Funk Unity Band

“I Give A Funk” Tour

Kaufleuten, Pelikanplatz, Zürich

by Allblues Konzert AG

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For those who don’t know who Bootsy Collins is I will add a few personal highlights of his career: He played bass for James Brown and George Clinton-legendary figures to say the least. He has also collaborated with Fatboy Slim, Deee-Lite, Snoop Doggy Dogg and others and he is considered to be one of the greatest pioneers of funk music. If you don’t know him..check him out for sure!

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This is not a typical report, I arrived just a few moments before the beginning of the concert, shot the first three songs and left after that due to tight schedule, but I will write just a few words about what I saw and heard.

bootsy s 010_7365

I struggled my way through to the front left side of the stage where I was pined down-it was that full, it was literally impossible to move with my bag and gear, so all the photos where taken from the left side, not a bad thing but I wished I had more time to try to roam around a bit to take photos of the full band which counts more than 10 members!

bootsy s 010_7363

The crowd took over Kaufleuten, it was full of Bootsy Collins fans up to the exit door, I had no idea that Zürich had that many funk music fans! Sound was crystal clear and way powerful and everything was set accordingly for a nice funky night! Bootsy Collins crew did a good job warming up the audience for the great entrance.

bootsy s 010_7467

When Bootsy entered the stage the crowd gave him a warm welcome, participating in every track-dancing and grooving all the way! Bootsy Collins with his band-The Funk Unity Band-gave people what they wanted: Joyful, Funkful and super bass experience with a non stop flow that kept everyone alive and kicking..even me-between short breaks when I was adjusting my camera settings..I caught myself moving to the rhythm (:p), wish I could enjoy the full show, so I will be looking forward to his next appearance for sure-a highly recommended “must go to” concert indeed!

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