Last night we went to grab a bite at a Japanese restaurant, “Fujiya of Japan” in Zurich. A friend booked the tables, we were 11 of us, and I knew nothing about the place, you will understand later on why I mention this.

The moment we opened the door a very distinctive Asian cuisine smell filled our noses, making us even hungrier than before (I didn’t have anything to eat for at least 9 hours..so..), a very nice smell indeed! Stuff was very gentle, they took our jackets and led us to our tables. The tables are Teppan tables, which means that the center has a metallic cooking surface that is used by the Chef to cook the selection of food live for you, which is something that I found cool enough to take out my¬†inseparable pocket camera, my Canon S110 (say hello to my little friend!! even though lighting conditions where more appropriate for my other babies, my Nikon D800 and D700..babies..yeah, what?).

After ordering our drinks we had to order our food-a pretty hard decision to make-this menu had many interesting things to choose from, so I picked from the Teppanyaki menu-number 104, Menu Sakana (I love these names, my humor was discreet but all Ninja/Samurai-ish, just couldn’t hold myself¬† lol).

Menu had sea food, starting with “Sashimi” and “Sushi”, this was great, fresh fish and nice sauces aside to start with. Then we had to choose between “Salada Matawa” and “Miso Shiru”.. we chose the salad over the soup which was probably a bad idea, tiny portion, and nothing special here. Next one was “Ebi to Hotate-Gai” which is black tiger prawns and scallops, again super quality and A+ taste, sauces where amazing as well-we had sesame, chili and soy sauce, all top-notch but sesame sauce was a blast, super tasty! After that we got the “Kisetsu no Yaki-Yasai”, all vegetables-that was cool too-nice taste and..these disappeared pretty fast as well!. “Sakana” was “fish of the day” with steamed rice (everyone for some reason chose fried rise instead)-and that was nice too, no complains at all! At the end we got our dessert (no “special name” here, dammit) and I chose a crepe with two scoops of ice cream and fruits, not bad, kinda small portion again but it was tasty.


We had two Chefs switching tables-as they didn’t have a bigger one available at the moment-and both did a great job. Fast, accurate and skillful in every second of the food preparation (I was happy that I didn’t piss them off with my camera, because as I watched them using knives so precise and fast I couldn’t help thinking that at some point one of them would throw a knife at me with a super fast move lol). When they finished, they cleaned everything and left to change clothes-they were closing down- and as they passed next to us they greeted us, which was a nice and gentle gesture (making me feel a bit bad for my thoughts since those gentle Chefs were nothing like secret assassins-too many movies man lol)..


Music was very low and hard to pick since most of the sounds we listened to were something like bells, flutes e.t.c- meditation type of music which made us kinda sleepy, then at some point classical music kicked in and felt like a thrash metal concert stormed this Japanese restaurant (yes the previous one was that “powerful”..)

And for the finale, I will flashback you with “..and I knew nothing about the place, you will understand later on why I mention this”.. and this had to do with the time we had to pay..


For someone who lives in Zurich and has a good salary probably this is not very expensive, but coming from Greece and having to pay about 85 euros..per person..well..that clarifies “Kill Bill” on the title of this post, doesn’t it??..at their website they say that if you order until 6.30pm and give back the Teppan table by latest 8pm, they offer an “early-bird-discount” of 20% on all food..thats something..but we went at night and 11 people payed more than 800 euros on food and a couple of drinks in two hours..yeap..sooo.. if I knew this killer detail I would consider this place to be a “anniversary restaurant” not a “lets go out and get something to eat, I haven’t eaten anything all day, I am staaarving duuude” type of restaurant..

+ nice food quality
+ tasty food
+ gentle and professional stuff
+ neat and minimal decoration
for this amount of money portions should have been larger-I was close to categorize portions as “gourmet” at some moments
(very) expensive
music was..”goodnight music”

So my final thoughts are definitely positive -if you love Asian cuisine like I do then you will really like it, what I ate was all about quality and brain was satisfied..a little bit more than the stomach (portions-wise)..

I recommend this place for anniversaries, for having dinner to impress, for someone special and for Wall Street brokers who light their cigars with hundred dollar bills.

**This review is written in a funny/satirical way because I like writing this way about all subjects, I am free of discriminations and any form of racism**