Artwork for INKA’s “Aconitum” album

Today INKA (BDC) revealed the cover and uploaded tracks from her new solo album, ACONITUM.

I haven’t drawn for some time now but I really enjoyed it. My drawing is based on one flower of the Aconitum family. I had a more dark and sketchy approach because: the music genre is Hip Hop and there are some pretty “up to fight” tracks in here, and also Aconitum can be “pretty venomous”.. ACONITUM lettering was hand drawn as well. I tried to avoid tags and general graffiti style to give a bit more horror-ish touch to match the flowers aesthetics, but also keeping it relatively minimal.

I used ink, watercolors and scans. Final touch ups where added in Photoshop.

Hope you like it.

Front cover artworkinka1Front and back of the CDinka together sZoomed detail of the lower part showcasing some of those “lovely” faces (lol)detail 1 inka1 big

..and my favorite track, “Aconitum”

Produced by Jessy Blue
Cuts Cenobite
Mix-Master-Edit at Cenobite studios
Διευθυνση Παραγωγης Clockworx
Artwork by Luez2

and INKA’s official facebook page is here.